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The aim of the G4G Mentoring programme is to help girls become more mindful and curious about their thoughts, feelings and the pressures they may experience whilst growing up. At this age, some girls may experience changes in self-esteem. Self-esteem is having confidence in yourself, your worth and your abilities.

Helping a girl be mindful – without judging herself – is a way to help her have more belief in herself as she grows up, in body, mind and spirit. Being mindful helps girls not to worry too much about past events or mistakes, or what the future holds. Instead, we want a girl to experience feelings, emotions, sensations, thoughts and events in an accepting way.

We want her to celebrate the gifts she has – her qualities, talents, traits, and the quirks that make her unique – and appreciate how important she is to her family, friends and the larger world. Mindful me aims to raise the aspirations of young women in a school environment, targeting those who are disengaging socially and academically.

Mindful Me is a 6-10 weeks’ programme packed full of activities that are interesting, creative and fun, and are intended to promote confidence, self-awareness and positive feelings. The mentoring is specifically designed for girls aged 11-16 years old, but can also be helpful for girls either younger or older than this. Everything we explore at Goals4Girls is designed to help girls overcome anxiety, limiting beliefs, past experiences, identity issues and self-doubt through a well devised development programme.  Goals4Girls encourages girls and young women to celebrate their individuality; we encourage them to think beyond the myth of the ‘perfect appearance’ created by society and challenge them to set and achieve their goals.


In addition to the Mindful Me Programme, we believe there should be recognition for positive change, therefore the young women will be rewarded throughout mentoring.

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