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What We Do

We are Goals4Girls. G4G is a football development programme, which empowers disadvantaged young women aged 5-16 through sports and education. our young women are encouraged to set and achieve their goals in a fun safe and inclusive environment. From flying down a zip wire, to the adrenalin of scoring your first goal on the football pitch. We a G4G nurture skills that last a life time.
Our development programme offers a variety of activities where young women are able to receive support and guidance needed to navigate their next steps.

Focusing on positivily developing young womens communication, confidence and motivational skills. Through developing these skill’s, we believe young womens teamwork, problem solving, physical and mental health will positively be affected. thus, creating positive role models for the future.


We are Goals4Girls, a football development programme. We empower disadvantaged girls and young women between the ages of 5 and 16 through sports and education. Our girls are encouraged to set and achieve their goals in a fun, safe and inclusive environment. From flying down a zip wire to scoring your first goal on the football pitch. We at G4G nurture skills that last a lifetime!

Our development programme offers a variety of activities where girls and young women can receive support and guidance, needed to navigate their next steps.

We are focusing on positively developing communication, confidence and motivational skills. We believe, that through developing these skills, teamwork, problem-solving, physical and mental health will be positively affected. This means we are creating positive role models for the future.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide girls and young women with the opportunity to make their voices heard and fulfil their full potential by achieving their goals. We offer our well-devised development programme, which provides them with an overall learning experience within sports and education.


Goals4Girls was founded by ex-Manchester City women’s semi-professional footballer Francesca Brown in April 2013. The company initially delivered sessions at a small youth centre in the local community of Canning Town, East London to 7 disadvantaged young women. The aim was to offer girls-only football development training sessions as an additional tool to get girls off the street, active and engaged in sports. Through the growth of the evening football sessions, Francesca grew concerned after overhearing the conversations the girls were having weekly regarding their insecurities around body image, social media, relationships, confidence and barriers in sports.

Francesca felt it was key to tap into these conversations and encourage young women to make their voices heard in society. Francesca decided to hold a roundtable intervention with the girls around what they would like to access within their local communities. “The boys get everything, and we get nothing what are you going to do about it?”. There was a need that needed a response, so they brainstormed all the services they would like to engage in and here in August 2011 Goals4Girls was formed.

Francesca trialled this service for 2 years reaching over 120 young women within its first year. Proving its sustainability, she relocated to the Royal Docks Community School in East London, delivering an all-inclusive educational development programme. Goals4Girls soon became the leading organisation in London with a 90% success rate in sustaining girls participation rates in sports, increasing confidence, attendance, punctuality, and behaviour. Since 2011, over 900 girls and young women have benefited from our football programmes.

Goals4Girls has been presented with accolades such as Inspirational Women’s Day Award (IWD) by Google Hangout+ and The Offside Rule Pod. With continued success in 2016, the programme flourished, resulting in remarkable achievements, receiving three business recognitions: WeAreTheCity Rising Stars In Sports Award – sponsored by Barclays, Tomorrow’s Business Awards – sponsored by Natwest and The Honouree Prince’s Trust Young Achiever Pride of Britain Business Award – sponsored by TSB, ITV, and the Daily Mirror presented by HRH Prince Charles and Dame Maggie Smith.

Meet the team

Francesca Brown – Chief Executive Officer

Francesca founded G4G in 2013 as CEO, following a serious groin rupture which ended her career as a professional athlete. Francesca played for renowned clubs like Manchester United Community and Manchester City Ladies and secured a scholarship in Boston, USA.
Battling with mental health issues, Francesca upped and left Manchester with £10.00 in her pocket and moved to London to find her life’s purpose.

In 2010 she worked in the youth and community sector, supporting disadvantaged youths in East London. Here she found her passion ‘to help young women reach their full potential through positive reinforcement, direction, and discipline’.

As CEO, Francesca has a relentless focus on celebrating women in sport and giving them a platform to progress educationally and socially through a carefully curated football development programme. by constantly improving the company’s services to ensure that Goals4Grls is fun, engaging and drives greater participant retention. Ensuring every young woman receives an ultimate sporting learning experience every year from our football development programme through to our educational programmes, empowering our young women on and off the pitch to be champions in their fields, thus creating future role models.

As a strong female activist, motivational speaker and Prince’s Trust ambassador, her impact has not gone unnoticed. In 2017 Francesca became a keynote speaker for ‘We Day’ and has since been awarded and added to the Sunday Times Alternative Rich List.

Francesca is described as one of the UK’s sporting business role models and is a living breathing testimony to young women.