Goals4Girls Meet England Footballing Legend David Beckham At New adidas Store!

It’s not every day that you get to stand in the presence of a bonafide football legend, but some of our girls managed to do just that during their recent trip to Adidas’ flagship Oxford Street store.



A Chance Encounter? 

Attending the store following a private invitation from Adidas, some of our girls got much more than they bargained for as they browsed the new heavily-digitised store. But, it wasn’t the sight of a new pair of trainers that set their hearts racing, but an exclusive audience with ex-Manchester United and England midfield hero, David Beckham! 


As famous for his fashion exploits in front of the camera as his spellbinding performances on the pitch, Adidas’ most famous ambassador left many of our girls speechless as he personally gifted each of them with two pairs of new shoes – the excitement and disbelief on each of their faces clear for all to see. 


Following a photo opportunity with arguably England’s greatest-ever free-kick specialist, the girls couldn’t hide their excitement. When they were once again able to speak, Brooke Fogg perhaps summed up the feelings that this life-changing experience generated best by exclaiming: “This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Goals4Girls creating new opportunities for young girls and inspiring them to do more.” 


After swapping stories with the girls and getting to know them a little better, Beckham stuck around at the store to commemorate Adidas’ “Future of Sport” event, a gathering that saw the high-profile sports brand premier its revolutionary “Bring It To Me” app and celebrate all that’s good about the future of the game, something which we hope all of our girls will be a part of.



A Life Lesson from England’s No. 7

Growing up in Leytonstone, David’s own rise to footballing superstardom is a perfect example of how hard work and dedication can lead to both personal development and rich rewards. As a sports star who seems to have a generous helping of natural ability, it’s the amount of time and effort David put into perfecting his football skills as a child that we can all find inspiration from – his endless push to take it to the level really is a lesson in how persistence and ambition can pay off.


At Goals4Girls, it is our mission to provide girls between the ages of 11 to 16 with learning, development and sporting opportunities that otherwise would have passed them by. Making it possible for them to meet a genuine sporting idol is one thing, but it’s the work we carry out around character building, personal education and the removal of restrictive barriers that really leaves a lasting impact on all of their lives. 


To find out more about our work, and how we can have an astonishingly positive influence over the lives of young girls through the medium of football, please visit our website today: https://goals4girls.co.uk/


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