Founder & CEO of Goals4Girls, Francesca Brown, Features in LinkedIn TV Advert

At Goals4Girls, we are excited to announce our partnership with LinkedIn for the launch of their first TV Ad Campaign in the UK.

LinkedIn TV Advert

The Advert

The TV advert involves real and diverse members of the LinkedIn platform revealing what it is that they are searching for in a job.

Featured within, one member reveals “I’m searching for a job that’s creative”, whilst another continues “that doesn’t feel like work”. “I’m searching for a job where I’m in charge” and “that shares my values” are also examples revealed by other LinkedIn members. Our very own Goals4Girls members feature with “I’m looking for a job where I can socialise”.

The advert ends with real members telling how they found their individual jobs on the LinkedIn platform.
Ngaire Moyes, Senior Director, Brand and Communications at LinkedIn EMEA said: “What are you searching for? It’s a powerful question, and when we’re talking about jobs, the answer is different for everyone which is why sharing the experiences of our real and diverse members is a key part of our advertising strategy. This campaign continues to build on our ‘In It Together’ brand work that seeks to create a new, warmer, more human feel with our members at heart. We’re excited to shine a light on some of these stories in this latest iteration of the campaign in the UK.”

As well as revealing what some LinkedIn members search for in a job, the advert raises awareness of the platforms job search tools, LinkedIn’s involvement in individuals accessing their desired careers, and the crucial work they carry out around employment.

What it means for G4G

This is a project that Goals4Girls are extremely proud to be a part of and the impact on our girls has been understandably huge, not only featuring in LinkedIn’s first television advert in the UK but also the importance of Goals4Girls’ partnership with a leading job search site.

We at G4G do a lot of active work producing clear exit routes and pathways into higher education, college, apprenticeships, sports, and also reintegrating young women into our programme as coaches.

As an organisation, we have a duty to support girls and young women. We do this by ensuring that these development pathways are clear and supported beyond secondary education.

Both the physical skills and life skills that our girls develop within the G4G programme not only aid their first steps into adolescence but also their future career development and independent life.

Goals4Girls are in regular contact with organisations and the government because by working in partnership with businesses and government, we believe that we can make the biggest possible difference and ensure that the voices of young people are heard and that these development pathways are supported during, and sustainable beyond secondary education.

Check out LinkedIn’s first TV Ad below and the LinkedIn Job Search site here

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