Since 2013, Goals 4 Girls has been raising the confidence and self-esteem in young women and girls – working with 1400 girls to date and over 250 girls weekly on our sports and educational programmes.   


We work with secondary schools across London to ensure the higher education sector is successfully engaging with female students and providing them with a positive sporting experience. Our programme is focused on supporting girls and young women to achieve meaningful, long term outcomes. This means we work to ensure that all our girls finish school with the GCSE grades and the social and emotional skills necessary to make a successful transition into adulthood. Everything we deliver – from the classroom and pitch, to our well-being workshops and reward visits – has been designed change attitudes to learning, achieving these meaningful outcomes.  

Through our work we’ve uncovered 5 key barriers in sports and education.


A huge number of young women and girls rarely invest in sport due to lack of education around the benefits of sporting participation. 8 out of 10 girls with low body self-esteem avoid participating in sports all together even though it helps individuals succeed off the pitch as much as it does on it.


Female invisibility – media representations and lack of female role models in sport – at all levels – creates a warped narrative of what women can achieve. In order to be it, you have to be able to see it. This is one of the reasons why Goals 4 Girls is a female led programme.


The ‘game plan’ is to create opportunities in sports, education and employment for our girls raising aspirations in the process


Society has created a one-dimensional stereotype for women in sport. These stereotypes make women of different shapes, backgrounds and cultures, feel like they are limited in what they can achieve. By breaking down these labels and redefining female roles in society. We are opening the doors to a world of possibility, empowering girls to pursue their dreams with passion and confidence.


Creating a safe, FUN and inclusive space where young women and girls can thrive.

One thing is clear, sports can play a significant role in the growth and development of young women and girls, carrying significant physical, mental and social benefits well into adulthood.

Therefore, balance is key! By combining both sport and education, we can ensure more young women and girls are physically active on a regular basis. This will improve attitudes towards learning and as a result, develop healthier habits in order to support their journey into adolescence. This process will create future positive role models.


The Goals 4 Girls programme is a long-term intervention, delivered in partnership with secondary schools across London for a minimum of 1 academic year.

The programme is delivered to groups of up to 40 female students, from year 7 to year 10. It entails weekly three-hour sessions divided between, the classroom and football pitch. We also advocate that students who complete our therapeutic mentoring programme, continue to get one-year additional support beyond secondary education into higher education and employment.

We also advocate for the involvement of older female students (often Year 11s) who play a vital role in the girls’ lives as relatable role models who the girls can seek support and guidance from throughout. Our Reintegration methodology where Participants become players, coaches and leaders, we are confident at Goals 4 Girls that our strategy will drive powerful change across education, sports and employment.

We OFFER young women and girls who live in areas of high deprivation, opportunities to take part in a positive football development programme.

14-10-2016 Photo shows Francesca Brown of the Goals4Girls Project at the Royal Docks Community School in East London for Pride of Britain Photo Phil Harris Mirror News
38 hours of football coaching

Throughout the academic year, run by positive & inspirational FA licensed female coaches. We provide sustainable development pathways into grassroots and professional clubs.

38 hours of term-time mentoring programmes

Run by experienced & inspirational female mentors. Key topics covered are mental health and wellbeing through our ‘Mindful Me’ programme – co-created by the young women and girls participating in the programme.

One-to-one therapeutic support

Delivered by our qualified female mentors & mental health practitioners.

Inspiring talks

Given by women from the world of football, media & those senior leadership positions.

3 workshops

Delivered over the course of the academic year, exploring identity, career development and mental health & wellbeing.

FA Level 1 qualification

Leading to the achievement of the 1st4sport Level 1 Award in coaching football qualification.

2 inspirational ‘meet & greets’

Involving inspiring women from the world of sports, media & senior positions.

2 parents’ evenings/consultations

To ensure we are embedded in the life of our partner schools and the parents of our participants are well informed re-progress.

Annual award ceremony

Celebrating the achievements of the girls throughout the academic year.