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We love what we do

With over 6 years of extensive experience working with young women and girls through the London education system. We pride ourselves in delivering a fully inclusive female football development programme. Specialising in after school programmes that works with young women and girls who are disaffected in school, whether that is due to poor behaviour, low attainment, low attendance and poor timekeeping.

Goals 4 Girls outcomes is to transform these behaviours and attitudes by:

  • Improve confidence
  • Improved ability to make friends
  • Increase resilience
  • Improved school attendance
  • Improved attitudes to formal education
  • Improved mental health and Wellbeing
  • Having lots of fun

The Goals 4 Girls development programme is a long term (minimum one academic year) of interventions delivered in partnership with secondary schools across London.

The programme is delivered to young women and girls aged 11-16, for up to 40 female students per session, combining weekly 2-hour sessions on and off the football pitch.

Academic year breakdown

Pilot Programme

First, we offer new schools a free 8-week pilot programme. Which is flexible and tailored to each new school. This pilot programme supports the school in identifying need from their female students.

Full Programme - per academic year

• 38 hours of football development (on pitch learning)
• Six workshops in, mental well-being, social media, goal setting, career and personal development, public speaking and leadership (off pitch learning)
• Educational reward trips

Group Mentoring Sessions

• 34 group mentoring sessions for up to 10 female students,
• Areas of focus: academic progress, promoting confidence, self-awareness, sharing experiences, social barriers, identity issues and poor behaviour.

Educational Trips

• Team building activity days
• International and Premier League football matches
• Residentials
• Attend inspirational events

Award Ceremonies

To celebrate the young women and girls’ achievements. Delivered in partnerships with our external partners, such as Coutts bank

Progress Report

Your school will receive a detailed progress report upon completion of the programme to present at senor leadership team.

Development Pathway

To our football development centre

Coach re-integration programme

The involvement of females in football also extends beyond playing. We want to increase the number of female coaches, referees and administrators. Through our coach re-integration programme, we provide a development pathway into not only our partnership clubs but for 5 female students a FA level 1 coaching badge and work experience.

All our coaches are Qualified with the Football Association

Our mentoring programme is run by a fully qualified and experienced mentor