Goals4Girls are Crowned Adidas Women’s Tango League Champions for the First Time!

The Adidas Tango Football League for Women is aimed at women and girls between the ages of 16 and 25. The league is part of a wider community of male and female players world wide which was created by Adidas as a global football tournament to promote the skills of amateur players, and hopefully grow the stars of the future! A lucky few could also win the possibility of becoming an Adidas sponsored player. It’s all about promoting football at grass-roots level, and the women’s league has a special role to play in raising the profile of women’s sport and changing the game.

The Women’s Tango League hasn’t been the first campaign from Adidas for Women In Sport this year. Adidas also launched “She Breaks Barriers” in March to promote visibility of Women In Sport and to inspire young female athletes with a series of short films.

Goals4Girls: Winning First Adidas Tango League for Women

Here at Goals4Girls, we are delighted to share that we made history in August 2019 by winning the first ever Adidas Tango League for women! It was an immensely important achievement for our girls and young women, by showcasing their skills and determination – and coming out on top. Being crowned Adidas Tango League Champions. We are so, so proud of them!


To create our dream team we used some girls from our programme, and also scouted other gifted and talented young women from across the UK to form the 7-a-side team.

They were joined for an exclusive interview with Adidas athlete’s Erin Cuthbert (Chelsea FC) and Kim Little (Arsenal FC) for an exclusive insight into the world of the women’s game.

Find Out More About Goals4Girls

Goals4Girls is an award winning football development programme aimed specifically at young women. Founded in 2013 by Francesca Brown and her team of specialist coaches, Goals4Girls is partnered with key clubs including Chelsea, Tottenham, Millwall and Crystal Palace for our football pathways, where our wonderful G4G ambassadors can attend for trials and development sessions.

Football is a tool we use to foster, empower and inspire our members, and the success we have achieved this year has been phenomenal; not just with the Adidas Women’s Tango league, but with other exciting excursions for our members – such as attending the Women’s World Cup in France earlier this year.

We see our challenge as one of bringing hope for a better future. A team sport such as football nurtures life skills including effective communication and team building, as well as promoting physical fitness and stamina. By growing self-esteem and experiencing success and opportunity to “change the game”, these young women are learning how to shine and changing the shape of the future.

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