Case Studies

"Football allowed me to talk to people and get my emotions out in a positive way.    
In a lot of ways football saved me."

Daniella Awobona

I am from East London but lived abroad for a long period of time before returning to England at the age of 7.

When I was little I lived with my Nan, and growing up I had very rocky relationships with both parental figures. When I started Secondary school, my relationship with my Nan wasn’t the best either. 

I’ve had to move between family members quite a lot over the last few years, and during these moves, there was some involvement from the police. There was a lot of toxicity during this point in my life, but now I am in care and most importantly I am happy. 

Goals4Girls helped me to get through these difficult times. My mentor Yasmin was always there for me. Our sessions were usually the best part of my week.

Another reason I am grateful for Goals4Girls is that they helped me play football again. I used to play football in Primary school, but only really took it seriously when Goals4Girls reintroduced me to it in Year 8. 

Football has always been my ‘outside escape’. The Goals4Girls staff and the other girls made everything in my life a lot easier. The mentoring programme boosted my growing confidence. 

Football allowed me to talk to people and get my emotions out in a positive way. In a lot of ways football saved me.”

"I live for and really love the game. I would like to persue a career in sport, ideally in coaching to help young women like myself."

Rebecca Hunt

My name is Rebecca Hunt. I am 15 years old and live in East London in a place called Custom House, where I’ve lived since I was a toddler. 

My Mother passed away when I was two, which affected my Dad massively, so I don’t see him often. My Nan and Grandad took me and my four sisters in and I’ve lived with them ever since. 

I currently live with two of my sisters – as two have grown up and moved out - and my Nan, as my Grandad passed away several months ago. 

Due to having a big family, I don’t often get time for myself so Goals4Girls has enabled me to put my thoughts in order and has given me an outlet to breathe, plus a space to grow and be myself. 

I live for and really love the game. I would like to pursue a career in sport and that’s because of Goals4Girls. Ideally, I’d like to be a coach to help young women like myself to overcome barriers they may face in the sporting industry; whether that be gender discrimination or obstacles they may face in their personal or sporting life. That would be my dream! Without Goals4Girls, I don’t know what I’d be doing.