Our Work

"Unlocking the possibilities in every young woman and girl through the power of football"

Our purpose is to create lasting change for young women and girls in sport and society.

Our approach is built around long term intervention that builds sustainable pathways within sports and education, by providing long lasting impact and support way beyond the field. We aspire to break down social, cultural and economical barriers so that young women and girls to dream without limited beliefs. 

Our Football Coaches and Therapeutic Sports Mentors marry a deep personal understanding of the communities our young women and girls live in, with lived experiences and the highest level of coaching, therapeutic training and qualifications, our culturally sensitive staff bridge the gap for young women and girls in the highest areas of deprivation, providing opportunities and long-term solutions for sustainable change.

Goals 4 Girls provides a full academic year programme, designed around the school timetable, consisting of 38 hours of group mentoring sessions, therapeutic intervention, and 38 hours of pitch-based wellbeing activities and football sessions that are focused around our four pillars:


Exploring intersectionality, inequality, relationships (negative + positive), media pressures, sexism, racism, poverty and womanhood. 


Exploring CV building, goal-setting, employment opportunities, communication and leadership skills, financial management, interview skills, and identifying and working with female role models.  


Exploring body confidence, self-esteem, mental health, sports participation, well-being and healthy lifestyles.  


Unlocking the possibilities in every girl and young woman through the power of football, by providing intensive support and long-lasting impact way beyond the pitch.