Goals 4 Girls Celebrates International Women's Day and Mother's Day

Imagine you’re driving your children to their 6th football session this year. Only 35 or so to go. But this time, you’re not quickly knocking out three errands or taking a well-deserved nap in the car whilst they train. You’re lacing up your boots beside them and getting ready to join the session. Well, that’s exactly what happened at our Development Centre in East London. 


Mimi, Sherri, (Goals 4 Girls Development Centre Participants) and Jamilah (Mother)


To celebrate International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, we invited the maternal figures, specifically mothers and aunts, of our participants to step into the boots of their daughters and nieces. This initiative honoured the important roles maternal figures play in the girls’ lives and provided a platform for dialogue on empowerment, football, mental health, and motherhood. It recognised the influence mothers and aunts have on their daughters’ and nieces’ development and emphasised the importance of their support in nurturing their ambitions.


During the training session, the participants engaged in various activities focused on football skills, teamwork, and communication. Under the guidance of our highly qualified coaches, mothers, aunts, daughters, and nieces had the opportunity to learn from each other, creating a sense of companionship and shared achievement. The pitch was filled with laughter, encouragement, and passion for the game, reflecting the spirit of unity and empowerment central to our mission.


The session provided a platform for discussions on upliftment, mental health, and motherhood. Through guided conversations, we explored topics such as bonding through football, setting goals, and prioritising mental well-being. By addressing these important issues in a supportive environment, we encouraged open dialogue and provided valuable insights that benefited both women and girls.


Jemimah (Goals 4 Girls Development Centre Participant) and Funmi (Mother).


The discussions were particularly fitting for International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day. These occasions remind us of the invaluable contributions of women and the impact of maternal love and guidance. The training session aligned perfectly with our mission of empowering young women and girls to reach their full potential. By involving mothers and aunts in our activities, we recognise the importance of familial support in girls’ development and sought to build stronger bonds within our community. Through initiatives like these, we aim to create a supportive network of empowered women and girls who uplift and inspire each other to succeed.


By bringing together maternal figures and their daughters and nieces for a day of football, conversation, and celebration, we reinforced the message that every girl deserves the opportunity to thrive, supported by the love and guidance of her mother, aunt, and community. As we reflect on this special day, we remain steadfast in creating initiatives like this. Our mission is clear: to support and raise the aspirations of young women and girls aged 11-16 within the UK’s most marginalised communities.


Summer (Goals 4 Girls Development Centre Participant) and Lucy (Aunty).


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