Goals4Girls Charity Launch: An important message

To say our journey so far has been a group effort is a total understatement. There’s simply no way we’d physically have been able to mentor over 1,800 young women and girls over the last decade without a fantastic support network behind us.

So it’s only right we extend a few heartfelt thank you’s to the people that have helped us get to this point so far. Our immense gratitude should go without saying - but we’re going to say it anyway!

Firstly, a massive thank you to our brilliant trustees and sponsors, whose continued support  helped make our charity launch the resounding success it was. What a sight it was to see you all under one roof!

Next, our amazing host Michelle Moore. Michelle brought the energy the launch deserved while constantly encouraging everyone in attendance to match it. From leading a brilliant “it starts with you, it continues with her” chant, to ensuring the event itself ran seamlessly. You were fantastic from beginning to end, Michelle.

And what about our panellists, each one so incredibly talented and unique in their own right. We’re incredibly grateful to our esteemed special guests; Danielle Carter, Charlotte Lynch, and Rachel Yankey, for gracing us with their inspirational words of wisdom.

A massive shout out also to our amazing team of mentors, coaches, and staff who poured their hearts into making this event (and the last decade) a reality. We can’t forget the electrifying performance by the talented Grime Violinist either. We definitely won’t be forgetting her covers of the likes of Stormzy and Tems anytime soon!

To all the attendees on the night, plus generous donors who have contributed towards our cause since the launch - we are hugely grateful, too.

Last but certainly not least, we have to give the biggest thank you of all to the participants of the Goals4Girls program - past and present. Your trust, spirit and dedication continues to inspire us all. Together, we are making dreams come true.

Without you, our program simply wouldn’t exist.