Goals4Girls’ Participants Star in adidas Champions League Campaign


Imagine if in the future there was no Marcelo or Wendie Renard? Two of the world’s best players in the game started out their journeys playing grassroots football. And with grassroots under threat, UCL and UWCL football is at risk of losing potential superstars. adidas have recently stepped in to make sure that doesn’t happen with their latest campaign.

This year, the adidas Football Collective and UEFA Champions League are championing grassroots football, so tomorrow’s stars can thrive.

Goals4Girls’ graduates and participants star in a global adidas campaignBy providing 100 support packages, adidas are helping communities around Europe like Goals4Girls, to make sure future stars of the game do not miss out on footballing opportunities.

“The role that grassroots clubs play in society is huge, and they’ve never been more in need of support to help build communities, and produce the next generation of players,” explained adidas ambassador and Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

Those looking to apply for an adidas support package, can do so using the adidas brand’s website. Those who over the age of 21 can apply for a £1000 grant – with the organisation’s permission – to help with coaching, equipment, venue hire etc. to help develop their grassroots game.

Goals4Girls’ graduates and participants Rebecca, Brooke, Julaica, Maddie and Lauren were recently given the opportunity to star in a global adidas campaign highlighting their grassroots initiative.

“It was a once in a lifetime opportunity! I can’t believe we got to be a part of this amazing campaign with adidas” Maddie told Goals4Girls’ Founder & CEO Francesca Brown who was equally enthused by the collaboration.

“A huge part of our work at G4G is about providing young people with opportunities traditionally closed off to them for whatever reason. It’s an honour to be able to get our girls involved in something like this, as it’s so close to our hearts. Without grassroots football, there’s no way world class talent like Wendie Renard would have won the Women’s Champions League seven times!”

When asked about how much of an impact grants like these can have on organisations like Goals4Girls, Francesca Brown described them as a “lifeline”.

“You just cannot underestimate the affect £1,000 [or its equivalent] can have on a grassroots organisation. That amount of money can ensure young people have somewhere safe to play the game they love after school or at the weekend. For us, it means our girls and young women can have access to a female football coach for a number of weeks. That can mean having someone to talk to or simply being given the opportunity to exercise or learn a new sport with other girls your own age. The adidas Football Collective is changing lives from the ground up.”

You can check out the campaign video via Goals4Girls’ Instagram account here.