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Goals 4 Girls Football Development Centre

The Goals 4 Girls Development Centre is an advanced technical football academy that focuses on the development of players from the ages of 7 up to 16.

The main focus of the Goals 4 Girls Development Centre is on improving the technical ability of players, working on individual ball skills incorporating ball manipulation, touch direction, touch speed and passing/receiving. 

We do this by providing tailored sessions across our centres, through Pre-academy, Advanced Pre-academy and our Technical Academy.


In line with the Goals 4 Girls philosophy we have provided two separate one to one formats (Player Analysis – Technical/Tactical or Fitness & Conditioning), in order to help cater for a wider variety of needs, but to also clearly identify the areas that you wish to work upon and improve. 


We have embedded the Goals 4 Girls philosophy through our advanced technical pathway, providing technical developmental programmes within our development centres. Underpinning the specialist work in isolation, whilst providing the game effective use of that work.

We link the individual skills to Goals 4 Girls possession practices that develop the players game understanding and decision-making using overload and underload situations that link to the game. At our development centre we follow best practice in all that we do: All Goals 4 Girls coaches are FA qualified with both first aid and Safeguarding accreditation including fully enhanced DBS disclosures. The Goals 4 Girls Development Centre is proud to provide technical coaching through a number of ways, using a variety of coaching methods suitable for children of all ages and abilities.

At Goals 4 Girls we take pride in embracing hard work and the importance of having a first-class attitude! We aim to shape every individual player in a manner that will give them the best opportunity to succeed at the highest level!